Saturday, February 12, 2011

A World Full of Music

I am setting in a fairly nice, upscale casual type of restaurant waiting for my to go order when from the table in front of me comes a little beat box drum machine sound.

"boom chick a boom chick a boom"

I look up and see that it belongs to the cell phone of, shall we say, a lady of "a certain age".

She looks at her phone, decides not to answer it and puts it down. What she does not do is hit "ignore" or silence her phone in any way, instead, she lets the ring tone play out.

"boom chick a boom chick a boom"

It's a really long ring tone...

"boom chick a boom chick a boom"

A minute or so later, her phone rings again.

"boom chick a boom chick a boom"

She doesn't even look at this call.

"boom chick a boom chick a boom"

Did I mention it is a long ring tone?

"boom chick a boom chick a boom"

The phone rings a third time...

"boom chick a boom chick a boom"

but low and behold, this person gains access and she answers. No more ring tone.

Do the fancier touch screen phones NOT come with a silence or ignore button? You might want to check it out.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Advantage of the Balcony

My box office is currently selling tickets for a neighbor club venue that has a floor level and a balcony. When asked about the difference in price, my response is all tickets are $25.00.

Real Question
"What's the advantage of sitting in the balcony?"

Answer in my head
"Well, from the balcony, you can through things, like bar straws and peanuts, down on the people sitting on the floor while they are unable to reach you from the floor for retaliatory fire."

Monday, November 03, 2008

I really do have something to say!

Below is a response I felt compelled to write after reading the e-mail thread BCCed to me by a friend. I never talk about abortion much. As I say below it is personal. I just hope I didn't come off as stupid as Mrs. Scott. And I say Mrs. Scott as I am sure Ms. would be insulting.

Dear Mrs. Scott,
If I had a vote in a pregnancy that I was involved with, I would want the pregnancy to come to term. Even though that is my CHOICE, ultimately I know I do not have a final say in the matter.

What I would really hate is to live in a country where any woman's only CHOICE is to find a back water hut well stocked with coat hangers. I really must take issue with your statement, which is misleading at best.

First, you quote the Old Testament, not Jesus. I didn't know your kind of "Christian" read the Old Testament.

"Do we really want a country where our minor daughters can be taken across state lines and abortions performed without us knowing??" Um, the legislation YOU propose would promote this. If not state lines, than international borders. The FOCA would help prevent it.

"Do we really want abortion procedures legal again where a full term baby is [delivered] and their brains sucked out?" Um, none of the decisions defending a woman's right of choice about her reproductive decisions allow for this kind of activity if it is even true. This is clearly a scare tactic and inflammatory. If you had any knowledge about pro-choice decisions like Roe v. Wade, you would know that these decisions balance a woman's choice against the viability of the fetus. Brain sucking is science fiction.

Do you even know what FOCA is about? Maybe you should read that for yourself. Let me help you by pointing you to the Library of Congress.

I have never really discussed my views regarding abortion with my friends. What my CHOICES would be are personal. Not having created life yet myself, I like to think it starts at conception, but that is what I CHOOSE to believe, and that belief is based not only a bit on my Christian faith, but simply on how I FEEL about it, warm and fuzzy as that may be.

I also believe that neither the Government, nor you nor anyone else have any business in controlling how I feel about this. If you get pregnant in any matter, whether it be youthful ignorance, a misfire on birth control, or a violent rape, how you deal with that pregnancy should be between you, your family and your belief in how the world works. Creationist, Darwinist, it doesn't matter.

That is what Sarah Palin's daughter did after all without government interference.

God bless you too Mrs. Scott,


The point of living and of being an optimist, is to be foolish enough to believe the best is yet to come.
- Peter Ustinov

----- Original Message ----
From: Karen
To: Denise Scott
Sent: Monday, November 3, 2008 10:36:41 AM
Subject: please do not send me any additional emails of this sort

Please remove me from your email list. I am not interested in this type of reactionary twaddle.

May God bless you. You clearly need the help.


----- Original Message ----
From: Denise Scott
To: Spencer Scott
Sent: Monday, November 3, 2008 7:47:52 AM

“I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life that you and your descendants may live.” (Deut. 30:19)

Dear Friends and Family,

I am sending this note to each of you because I care about you and our country. I don't ordinarily do this but I believe these are extraordinary times. For many reasons, the most significant election in our lifetime is tomorrow. We are called as Christians to love one another and to protect life. Early Christians knew and embraced this responsibility. That is why they rescued orphaned children (many who were left to die because they weren't "normal") and helped the widows and poor. Remember Jesus taught us to help the "least of our brothers." Who is more helpless than an unborn baby, a special needs person, or an elderly person in a nursing home? This election provides us with an opportunity to help the least of our brothers and sistersmn. John McCain and Sarah Palin offer us an alternative to the culture of death we find ourselves in this country. John McCain has a 100% favorable pro-life voting record on abortion and Sarah Palin lives her pro-life values every single day. If Barack Obama is elected he said the first thing he would do is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. This act will remove all restrictions from abortion - parental consent, partial birth, etc. Do we really want a country where our minor daughters can be taken across state lines and abortions performed without us knowing?? Do we really want abortion procedures legal again where a full term baby is delievered and their brains sucked out? What kind of person would do this or would support this? What kind of person would vote 4 times to allow a baby to be put in a corner and die that is born alive from an abortion. Think about it, do you really want this person in charge of your HEALTH CARE when you are older??

For my friends that are considering voting for Obama, do you want your children and grandchildren to live in a "culture of death" where the state decides whose life is worthy of protecting? When the state has control of the health care system that will eventually be what happens. You can see it now in countries that have state-sponsored health care systems. Cancer patients, the elderly, and children with special needs, are all targets in these societies, simply because they cost the state too much money.

For my pro-life friends, don't be discouraged, this election is not over and the outcome depends on all of us getting out the vote. Go early to the polls and be prepared to wait as the lines will be long. Help others get there if you can. While in the voting booth choose the candidates that promote a culture of life, not a culture of death.

Thank you for reading my note. Please consider emailing your friends with a word of encouragement. Most of all, please pray for the wisdom of our electorate and that God's will be done.

God Bless,
Denise Scott

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Good and the Bad.

The good news is I have a home and power and all the true necessities.

Bad news is Center Point says that Houston is looking past Monday for major power restorations.

If Chelsea Market is with out power more than this weekend, the YT is toast!

Quibble, this would mean no cable for me for a while. Maybe I will start really reading again...

Now, the burbs and rural areas should be mostly up by Friday. I guess there are fewer trees out there. ARGH!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Watching Ike

When I was a child, I remember the adults talking about watching Watergate on TV. I wondered to myself, what is this show Watergate about? Now, of course, I know it was in reference to watching the news coverage of the Watergate scandal.

Today, I find myself "Watching Hurricane Ike" and wonder how many small children out there think the grown ups are watching some new fall TV series while waiting for the big scary storm to blow through. Are these children watching the coverage as well and know it is "news"? I didn't watch any Watergate coverage. I suppose I was in bed before the later news came on.

When did the news come on in the early 70s anyway?

Off to watch more Ike!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Poachers Will Be Shot On Sight!

It is pre-production week for our first show of the season. The Stage Manager is already working and we are 4 days from starting rehearsals.

Another production manager from another theater calls my SM and offers him a job that starts 2.5 weeks into my production. She steals my SM from me with a higher paying contract.


Now I know, with Equity rules, I know we are supposed to let people go for more remunerative employ. I am not upset with my SM. I can't blame him for wanting to take the other job with gas and school loans and all else these days.

But the PM from Theater X? I DO blame her! She knowingly enticed the SM away days before rehearsal. I don't care how desperate she was for a good SM, she had to know that she was creating a desperate situation for me! Now I am scrambling for an SM to take over the show during technical rehearsals.

Red Card! You are outta here!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer Movie Frenzy

In response to Chris Wheeler's Comment: I am sorry you didn't find it as uplifting as I did. I will agree on this point, if Brosnon releases an album, I will definitely NOT be in line for it. He was definitely the weakest, though he did fair better on "I Do, I Do". Dancing Queen was a highlight, but I am also a fan of Honey, Honey.

Regarding the other films you mentioned, I agree, over all, Iron Man and Dark Knight rule. I might even say, for me, that Iron Man wins the summer in the end, even if DK box office is going to be the bench mark for summers to come.

I am looking forward to the new Mummy. I hope it measures up. I am a fan of Brendan Frazer (some even say I look like him (I wish!)). I saw Journey to the Center of the Earth which was fine, and a fun ride, but not a must see.

And I just saw the X-Files. Thought it was great. And I think it is good for the fan and the newbie. If you are a fan, you know all about Mulder and Scully and their relationship, but there is enough in the film that you understand what is going on between them if you haven't seen the show. The main plot is completely contained in the movie though, so if you don't care about their drama, that was still an interesting story to follow. I thought anyway.

But then I am easy.

Chris, is your wife available for lunch? I think we would have a blast!